Plain Truth: Rules on how to own your 'situationship' like a boss

The situationship is a powerless place to be. Still, there are women who willingly chose to have these arrangements. PHOTO | UNSPLASH

What you need to know:

  • It’s clear that the Kenyan woman still isn’t clear about how a situationship looks.
  • You know, that thing you have with a man which is not a friendship but which isn’t quite a relationship.
  • So how does a woman know that she is sack in the middle of a situationship? And if she knows this, what can she expect from the man she is in it with?

A few weeks ago, a local musician inboxed a wannabe Instagram star. She was elated. He sent provocative, sporadic text messages over a few weeks and until finally, he asked her to go to his house. She asked whether he wanted her to be his video vixen. He said no. From the messages, he was clear that he wanted to get physical with her but perhaps hoping that maybe he would want to get to know her sparkling personality or that he would want to date her if he saw how funny she is, she went to his house. He sent her to the bedroom, and off she went. He asked her for sex and she got so offended that she ran to a blogger to try and ‘expose’ how he preys on women on social media.


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