My dad refuses to accept my foreign girlfriend

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What you need to know:

What you need to know:

  • The feelings of sadness and anger in your situation are normal and you must allow yourself to feel them as they come
  • One way to overcome insecurity is by boosting your optimism and learning to look on the brighter side of things

Q: I am a guy aged 31 years and have been in love with a lady who is not a Kenyan for 3 years. I bought her home two months ago and my dad was mad at me. He told me that he had high expectations of me and having a non-Kenyan as my wife is a letdown. I tried to explain but he told us to leave his home. Everyone tried to calm him but he said he does not want to hear from me again. I am stressed up. I feel like I failed my dad but I love my girlfriend. What should I do? Will my father ever accept my marriage?


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