Karen Kitchen, the place where art and appetite meet

Passion lemonade and Chicken wrap served with French Fries and guacamole at Karen Kitchen.

Photo credit: Kemzy Kemzy

I recently stumbled upon a hidden gem that boasts of having the best soul food in Nairobi. Karen Kitchen is a quaint and artsy restaurant in One Stop Arcade, directly across the Vice President’s residence in Karen. It provides an outstanding one-of-a-kind dining experience that seamlessly blends art and gastronomy.

From the moment I stepped into this haven of culinary and artistic delights, I knew I was in for a memorable adventure. Soft instrumental music wafts through the air, setting the perfect mood for an afternoon of relaxation and creativity. As I waited for my African-timer friends to come, I sat and ordered passion lemonade.

When they arrived, we ordered the wrap - mouthwatering grilled chicken pieces and bell pepper wrapped in a tortilla wrap served with a side of French fries and guacamole (Sh600). It was extremely tender, juicy, and superb, and the fries were well-seasoned and crunchy. We got beef samosas for bites, which were equally wonderful and affordable – Sh150 for a pair.

Afterward, we were ready to unleash our inner artists. There was a dedicated art section where every table was equipped with a canvas, brushes, and a palette of vibrant colours, inviting guests to channel their artistic spirit. A dedicated team of skilled artists takes their time explaining the painting materials and techniques, making sure even beginners feel comfortable venturing into the world of art. They strike a perfect balance between being attentive and allowing patrons to immerse themselves in the painting experience without feeling rushed.

They tailor-make lessons to individual preferences and skill levels, ensuring that even novices can create a masterpiece they’ll be proud to take home. As beginners, we used carbon paper to trace our paintings to acquire a suitable layout and ease the process. The instructors foster a non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere, allowing guests to express themselves freely and authentically.

The lamb chops were the only thing that disappointed us. They were overly greasy, and when we sent them back to be redone, they simply removed the oily areas and returned them, making the servings smaller for the price they were charging, which was Sh1,250. If you are looking to savour a delicious meal while unleashing your inner artist on a Saturday afternoon, head over to Karen Kitchen.