It's time for men to stand up for men

It's time for men to stand up for men. Photo | Photosearch

What you need to know:

  • The best take-out from the Movember month men’s health campaign is the impact that men can have when they come together
  • I hear men talking about "the neglect of the boy child", and this is a chance for men to be actively involved in projects that they feel would help other men

Google photos can be your best friend when it reminds you of those beautiful times you had forgotten, which bring a smile to your face. You will break into a chuckle, a loud laugh, or a vigorous head nod as you look back at the memories. It can also be a terrible thing when it reminds you of that photoshoot you had with your ex, the two-timing backstabbing person you used to call your friend, or as my case, when it reminds me of that time last year when I lay butt naked, cheeks spread dressed in nothing but a light gown, as another man prodded my innards. Calm down people, it was consensual and legal. It's even encouraged by medical practitioners worldwide and celebrated too. So what was up with me? I was having a prostate exam. 


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