An evening hangout at CBD’s little gem Mint & Salt Café

An evening hangout at CBD’s little gem Mint & Salt Café. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Mint & Salt bakery & café, Uchumi house, ground floor, Aga Khan Walk

Up until recently, I had been a faithful member of the "I don't go to CBD" association. CBD gives me nightmares especially when I remember how my car went missing from a parking and I ended up looking for it under other people's cars, in my purse, and even in my pocket. I sat on the pavement and started crying only to be told by the security guard that all cars that were parked there had been towed by kanjos!! I had to pay 7k but that's a story for another day.

The reason I went back to CBD was none other than food. This time, I had planned to go in the evening after our beloved city council had closed its offices. The destination was Mint & Salt bakery & cafe located on the ground floor of Uchumi house just a few meters from Aga Khan Walk. I had read several good reviews about the place and I wanted to give it a try. Friday seemed like a good idea to get one for the road as we unwind and wait for traffic to clear up. 

On arrival, I was stunned to see how small and crowded it was. It can barely accommodate 30 people but going by the crowd we found, it shows they are good at what they do. The rustic chairs and tables, minimalist décor, and ambiance greatly contribute to its splendor and reputable reviews.

We got a table near the counter and ordered cocktails which go for Sh800 for two during happy hour. We also ordered sangria on the side. They were potent, well-presented, and worth the money. We got their classic mojito, strawberry daiquiri, and grape caipiroska which is made of fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, and red grape juice mixed with vodka.

The meals are also quite affordable as a spicy chicken burger goes for Sh850 while loaded fries sautéed in oyster sauce with beef strips, white onions, mixed bell peppers and topped with cheddar cheese and parsley go for Sh500. An absolute 8/10 as they could do with more meat. The juicy chicken burger was tasty, flavourful, and filling.

The two things I feel they should work on are the expansion of the sitting area to accommodate more people and getting more washrooms. They only have one washroom which means queuing in line as you wait for your turn. Other than that, the place is a nice casual spot for a hangout.