The Roast: Spreading the Carnivore fire

Christine, a Scorcher, at Roast. PHOTO | JOHN FOX

What you need to know:

  • But there’s more to the Roast than its location. Let me tell you about the menu. I notice it is headed “Roast by Carnivore”. And the motto is “Spread the fire”. So you will appreciate that this is no place for vegetarians.
  • However, to be fair, they can choose from a Veggievore Sandwich (a veggie cutlet with cucumber and yoghurt sauce), a Herbivore Salad (a very basic one with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, roasted onions, sweet corn and croutons), and even an Ugali Fritter (with a choice of sauces).

Gavin Bell knows quite a bit about chains. Not the sort of chains that hold you down, mind you. No, Gavin is not the sort of man to be held down. I’m talking about restaurant chains – and Gavin has been involved in a few of them: Spur Steak Ranches, Kentucky Fried Chicken, his own Kengeles – and now Roast.


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