How we ended up being a distrustful and cynical society

If a stranger stops to offer a greeting, you either take off in the opposite direction, scream your lungs out, or studiously ignore the “weird person”. For all you know, he or she could be some con, a thug intending to rob you at gun point, or the latest job description in Kenya’s crime world: a kidnapper. ILLUSTRATION/IGAH

What you need to know:

  • It was obvious to those people that we were “foreigners”, but instead of viewing us with suspicion, they welcomed us wholeheartedly even though they had no idea what business had taken us there.
  • Gone are the days when stopping to greet a child was normal. Today, one could be accused of being a sex predator. And that is something that every mother contemplates with forbidding trepidation.

Last week on Saturday, I went to commiserate with a friend who had lost her sister.


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