Ivy Mugo

Ivy Mugo, who is popularly known as Just Ivy, is an influencer, Samsung Consumer Electronics brand ambassador and host of 'Money Mondays' and 'Legally Speaking'.

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How I turned vlogging into a full-time business

What you need to know:

  • Ivy Mugo quit formal employment in October 2020 having seen the potential in 'Over25', a YouTube channel.
  • With six months on half a salary and social media pay, she sent a notice of resignation to her former employers.

When Ivy Mugo’s friend, Julia Gaitho, came back from the United Kingdom five years ago, she told Ivy and three other friends that she had been intrigued by a new concept called vlogging. People were walking around with their phones and cameras, documenting their every movement – where they are going to eat, who they are hanging out with and what they are doing and then loading it on to YouTube.


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