Dreamy staycation at the Container House Redhill

Lush green front yard fitted with a swing chair for relaxing. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

If you're looking for a quick getaway close to Nairobi, you should consider this hideout at Ruaka

I recently had one of the best staycations to kick off my 2023 travel adventure. I came across the "luxurious container house Redhill" while browsing the Airbnb website and knew this was the house I wanted to visit. The fact that they had active social media pages highlighting memorable moments from previous guests put me at ease enough to speak with the owner and book the house for the weekend with my friends.

The beautiful marble bathtub at the Container House redhill. Photo | Pool

We drove through Limuru road to reach the container house Redhill in Ruaka in less than 40 minutes from the Nairobi Central Business District. The distance to the main road is 50 meters. When we arrived, the cleaning staff and two pleasant security officers were just finishing up their preparations to welcome us to our home for the weekend.

The two-bedroom container house set on a 50 by 100 piece of land is breathtaking. It has a spacious parking space that can accommodate up to five cars, a playground, a lounge area, and a gaming zone upstairs. As the boys unwaveringly made their way to the pool table, unconcerned about where they would sleep, I had the perfect opportunity to inspect the interior.

The owner, Sammy Gatheru, a mechanical engineer by profession, built the white and gray-themed home out of shipping containers that he purchased from an auction last year during the Covid-19 phase for his use and storage of his engineering equipment. He decided to use the containers to create a unique holiday home as his man cave when he needed to spend some alone time or with his family. The Airbnb idea came to him while he was building, and that's when everything changed. He spent six months putting the house together and furnishing it with locally-sourced materials and equipment.

An open kitchen with a unique design is located on the ground level and is fully equipped with modern appliances such as a hot water kettle, toaster, refrigerator, microwave, cooker, and water dispenser. The living room, which has comfortable L-shaped sofas and a flat-screen television to keep the guests engaged, is located next to the kitchen. Gypsum ceilings across the entire house and recessed lighting add to the high standard of craftsmanship. For those guests who want to complete some work while still taking advantage of their staycation, a modest study area has been created in the corner next to the master bedroom which has a cosy king-size bed. The bathroom on the ground floor was my favourite spot. A spacious, hygienic room with a dressing area, toilet, a separate glass shower cubicle, and a bathtub made of crystal white marble. 

Upstairs, in the "chill zone," they have games like darts, monopoly, air hockey, draft, chess, and Jenga. It has one single room with double-decker beds, as well as a separate washroom and bathroom. The views are breathtaking! We spent most of the night here playing games and enjoying the cool breeze from the sliding glass windows, which provided adequate aeration.

We knew there would be plenty to do in the area because of its proximity to Ruaka town, Two Rivers mall, and Village market. Also, because we had not hired a Chef, we had to go out for dinner, and Pork Pit restaurant came highly recommended for their affordable meals, which did not disappoint. Their pork kochokocho, wet fry, smoked ribs, and masala fries are must-have items. 

A Pool table which forms part of the entertainment for guests visiting container house Redhill. Photo | Pool

We spent the next morning catching up, playing pool, archery, lawn tennis, and relaxing in the front yard swing before checking out later that afternoon. 

Overall, this container house experience was phenomenal! The house was one-of-a-kind, clean, spacious, and well-kept, with beautiful scenery and a wide range of games that kept us entertained. From Friday to Sunday, they charge Sh9,500 per night, and Sh6,000 per night during the week. The price was reasonable given that it comfortably accommodated all six of us. 

If you're looking for a quick getaway close to Nairobi, you should consider booking with them.