Amazing service and juicy burgers at Mode Café, Kilimani

Four pulled beef slider burgers, chicken and Tandoori chicken burgers served with French Fries at Mode Café Kilimani. Photo | Kemzy Kemzy

What you need to know:

Mode Café, Almas Tower Kirichwa Road, Kilimani

The food scene in Nairobi is constantly evolving and I'm here for it. The more restaurants we have, the wider the choice. This ensures that each restaurant stays ahead of its game to retain customers and attract new customers from referrals. I've been following Mode Café's journey on Tik Tok closely since late last year and knew I had to eventually visit this place when they launched. This is one of the newest culinary joints in Nairobi.

My friends trust me with restaurant choices and so when I recommended the place, they were eager to give it a try. It is located on the ground floor of Almas Tower Kirichwa Road in Kilimani. It’s easy to spot thanks to the giant “Mode Cafe” signage at the entrance which is covered with a large mirror. The reflection made us think that the restaurant has an extension on the other side.

Iced Caramel latte and iced strawberry tea from Mode Café Kilimani. Photo | Kemzy Kemzy

Upon entering, the atmosphere was very lustrous and warm. The bright natural light streaming in through the tall windows, the aesthetically pleasing flower arrangement on the table with comfortable seats, and the smell of coffee soaring from the kitchen made this a perfect choice. The restaurant was almost full thanks to #Nairobiburgerweek (March 2023) and some of the remaining tables had a "reservation" sign. We were about to leave when Ann, one of the waitresses, came to our rescue and set a table for us. She is one of the friendliest waitresses I have come across in a long time.

Their offer during Nairobi Burger Week is to buy one of their four burger selections and get a second free of the same taste. However, for the chicken burger option, you can choose tandoori chicken as the second option. We ordered the pulled beef burger (Sh1,200), chicken and tandoori chicken burger with an iced caramel latte (Sh400), passion fruit juice (Sh300) and strawberry iced tea (Sh300).

Our drinks were served quickly, and the presentation was outstanding. They tasted even better. Soon after, burgers with French fries were served. The pulled beef sandwich made with thin pulled beef, grilled brioche cheese and caramelised onions is my favourite and comes in four medium-sized buns. My friend loved the Indian spiced tandoori chicken breast with mint yoghurt raita. The burgers were delicious, juicy, and messy as they should be. The French fries, on the other hand, were just average. They could add spices to flavour them up.

Overall the service was outstanding, the food was reasonably priced, fresh, and exquisitely presented, and the atmosphere was perfect. The restaurant has a prayer room, which is an added advantage.