A Tourist in Africa: Let’s take a trip down the memory lane

The book is titled A Tourist in Africa by Evelyn Waugh, novelist, travel writer, short story writer, journalist – regarded as one of the best British writers of the 20th century. PHOTO| JOHN FOX

What you need to know:

  • In the early days of this column, I wrote very critically of a hotel in Homa Bay that was run down, and was almost empty.
  • I made some unkind joke about there being more life in the weaver birds’ nests outside than in the bar inside.
  • After the publication on the Sunday publication, the manager was sacked  the following Tuesday. For me, it was a salutary lesson. I had to be more careful and considerate.

Last Sunday afternoon I was at a loss about what I was going to do for this week’s “Going Places”. I had intended to write about a lounge and bar that I had read about in Yummy the informative and well-illustrated ‘EatOut’ magazine. I had gone there at lunchtime.


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