3 in 1: Jacaranda’s The Node

One of two circles of comfy sofas surrounding fireplaces at The Node, Westlands. These will be ideal for group get-togethers. PHOTO | JOHN FOX

What you need to know:

  • The Node is part of the Jacaranda complex in Westlands. It’s just across the road, and there is plenty of parking immediately outside or in the hotel’s car park.
  • We moved over to the Garden Restaurant, where a number of the tables are set out on the grass and are shaded with broad umbrellas. Nahshon told us that the restaurant can seat up to 120. I asked him what sort of people would make up that number.
  • Mindful of its history, I expected that the mainstay of the menu would be pizzas. There are pizzas – many and varied – but they are not the centrepieces.

Last Sunday, we went for lunch at the old Pizza Garden. It’s now called The Node. It had a quiet opening only last November. And it’s very different from the old place.


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