‘I am definitely marrying DJ Dibul’, actress Dorea Chege aka Maggie

Actress Dorea Chege and DJ Dibul (Dickson Ndegwa Nyathore).

Actress Dorea Chege and DJ Dibul (Dickson Ndegwa Nyathore).

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What you need to know:

Dorea Chege, 29, got her Maggie nickname when she played the character on TV Soap Opera Maria. She is also a brand influencer. She spoke to Sinda Matiko.

I haven’t quit acting as many seem to think, only that currently I am on a Kikuyu Soap Opera, Ùruri Wa Wendo (Wonders of love) that airs on Kameme TV.

Talking of love, yes I am in love with a Deejay. Not the song though. I mean by now everybody knows who DJ Dibul (Dickson Ndegwa Nyathore) is. I never intended to make my relationship with him public but circumstances forced me to. 

He is famous amongst the Kikuyu audience and so when we started dating it was difficult to keep it private because blogs soon started speculating and we wanted to control our narrative and so we made the decision to go public.

I have seen some quarters say ‘ati nimemkalia’. I guess it seems so because I am the talkative one and he is the introverted one.

No, I never dated actor Ronald Ndubi, I know our videos all looked cosy and people thought we had a thing going on. Don’t forget we are actors and besides, he is a very good friend.

‘I am definitely marrying DJ Dibul’, actress Dorea Chege aka Maggie. Photo | Pool

Some people also compared Dibul to Ndubi, saying he is reserved, not fancy, or stylish, and he is somewhat kienyeji to be my match. I mean don’t you think we would have been a boring couple if we all had the same swag? Besides, Dibul is reserved, he likes to keep it simple, and that’s what I love about him.

I am definitely marrying this man; he makes me go gagaga. Haha! He is so sweet.

Having kids is definitely the plan, I want one, he wants three, and I think that’s one too many. I guess we will have to fight on that haha!

It’s been beautiful dating him, I never knew our going public would make us money. Brands approach us for partnerships and we love it. Do you know how satisfying it is to make money with someone you love?

Being a celebrity let alone a celebrity couple is a daunting task. Not that I am complaining about the fame but many times, we don’t get to lead our lives like everybody else.

I mean do you know I can’t borrow money for fear of being exposed because we are not supposed to be broke? Bro! I get broke sometimes until I get sick.

There are places I can’t go because I am famous, like kibandiski, that would be trending news.  But sometimes you just want to have that chapo madondo chilled in a kibanda and revisit the gone days. By the way, Kibandiski food slaps different!

Mathrees, I miss the rides, it's been over five years since I last took a matatu. Not that I don’t want to, but fame won't allow me. Some days I don’t have fuel for my car and a matatu could be convenient but I can’t take one.

But again life has taught me to do me. People will always talk. You win, they talk, you lose, they talk.
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