‘A guy should take me to a different city or country on our second date’ digital entrepreneur Norah Geoffrey

Bubbly 26-year-old Norah Geoffrey is a full-time digital entrepreneur. Photo | Pool

What you need to know:

Bubbly 26-year-old Norah Geoffrey is a full-time digital entrepreneur

I studied Development at the university but loved the digital space more.

I started taking my skills seriously after Velvex approached me for a long-term partnership. They saw my worth before I did so they made me get in the space fully.

With the content creation market getting saturated, there are gatekeepers but I know for sure I’m not one. 

And yes I have been cancelled out of a gig because of gatekeepers and until this day, it hurts so much.

I’m not in a relationship currently. You know what they say, Kanairo dating blunder haha!

The stupidest dare I ever agreed to be on was calling my ex. Now that was silly.

On a second date, I prefer you take me to a different country or city.

The last time a guy invited me to his house was about a month ago. But hey, don’t get it twisted it was a casual visit lol. 

Yes, I do see myself getting married but I’d still be fine if I don’t. Haha.

Should that happen, I would want my wedding to be very intimate, in a different city with my loved ones and with extremely luxe decor. 

I have never showed up for an event without wearing makeup. I go all out if I have to show up at events. Everywhere else though I show up.

I always have a hard time pronouncing Schweppes.

What has been difficult to achieve on my bucket list is establishing an actual business. I’m yet to figure out what exactly kind of business I want to venture into.

How big is my house? I wouldn’t call it big but it’s a spacious mansion. What you notice first is our cat that is so huge and barely meows. Crazy!  Secondly, what you immediately notice is the super lighting. Being a content creator, I made sure my mom got enough of those lights everywhere in the house.