First instalment of The Love Festival kicks off in 'Vasha

Frasha and Gabu

Gabu (Gabriel Kagundu) and Frasha (Francis Amisi) of P-Unit are among the performers.

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

The Love Festival Africa kicks off today in Naivasha for two days to rally for climate action.

Various artists, tourism stakeholders, and corporates are expected to attend and sign zero plastics and tree-planting pledges and become change agents in the fight against climate change.

Gabriel Kagundu commonly known as Gabu is part of the artists’ movement that has taken up this initiative.

In a recent performance in Arusha, he said, “I would rather perform for trees and not people who cannot take care of their environment.”

CAS Youth Affairs Charles Njagua popularly known as Jaguar, Frasha, Prezzo, Mbuzi Gang, Kenzo Matata, and SK will be among the artists joining the movement.

Arusha in June

This is the first of four events expected to take place this year in Africa.

The next is to be held in Arusha in June, then Naivasha in September, and the last one in Kigali in November.

Hospitality stakeholders are expected to play a crucial role in the festival as their industry generates a vast amount of waste, which is mostly plastic and food and is responsible for releasing millions of tonnes of carbon emissions.

Through the festival, the hospitality sector will participate in the reuse and recycling of plastic bottles, tree planting, and seed bombing.

The activities at the planned festivals are aimed at also promoting the arts, culture, diversity, heritage, food, and tourism of the target destination, regeneration of the environment, and sustainability promoting circular economies in the target destination as well as positioning the destination as a green destination.