Rev Njue: Why we should teach boys to cry 

Father and son

The portrayal of today’s man not only demeans and redefines men in a harmful and unhealthy way.

Photo credit: Pool

What you need to know:

  • The father is a boy’s first role model when it comes to masculinity.
  • It takes a concerted communal effort to instil values in young men, which begins at home and extends to schools, churches, athletics, and other social situations.
  • It entails placing influential persons in our young men’s lives to teach, model, mentor, and coach them on living by healthy values.

We urge boys not to be afraid, vulnerable, cry, or be weak; instead, they should act powerful, even if they are worried or nervous on the inside. Even in the most heart-breaking situations that men face, society expects them to act like superheroes.


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