Fly high pops: A Fathers' Day tribute to my dad in heaven

Dad, You used to brighten up our home with your jokes and laughter. The memories we created could be written into a book.

Sixth Anniversary! Ooh! And here I am again with my pen and my notebook writing down another annual article. As I am noting down this sixth letter to you, tears can’t stop running down my cheeks. Lots of emotions.

Yes, it’s been six years and we are still trying to cope with your demise.

You used to brighten up our home with your jokes and laughter. And now, our birthday celebrations aren’t the same without your special “treat”. You are our biggest blessing this world has ever granted. The memories we created, me and you, could be a book.

Happy Heavenly Fathers’ Day dad! I hope and pray that everything we do honours you and through God’s guidance and protection we’ll achieve the very best that you wished for us and make you proud.

I can’t lie, tears still roll down our cheeks whenever we think of you, but we console ourselves that God took you for a reason.

I usually tell people when someone you love dies, you never get over it! You just slowly get through each day by always keeping them tucked safely in your heart. For those of you who still have a father present/living, I hope you love and cherish them.

No matter where you are Dad, you’ll always be in our hearts. Continue being our guardian angel. Rest easy and rest in peace. Every day to me is a Father’s Day because without you dad, there’s no me. Fly high pops!!

Happy Fathers’ Day and happy 6th anniversary.