Praying man
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When a man prays...

What you need to know:

  • What would happen if all the men in this country would, in one accord petition for the same prayer items?
  • If men pray with one accord, sans preferences, we can get a David; a leader after God's own heart. 

A lot has been said - and sang - about what happens when a mother prays. Most of the pitfalls that many of us survived while our peers perished under the same circumstances, was solely because of our mothers' prayers. 

My dad's been praying since, well, forever. Each time we speak on the phone, he never fails to mention that the only place he can run to for help is God and that he's praying for all his children. 

When I was young, I never thought much about such sentiments. But now that I'm older, and I understand the nature of wars that I'm involved in, I value such interventions, especially from a biological father. I know I'm blessed because not many sons can boast of a father who, day and night, stands in the gap for them. 

I pray that I'll also carry the torch for my children, and I won't tire whether my knees are calloused or it seems my prayers have hit a brick wall. 

Members are women 

In many churches, the vast majority of members are women. In my faith, the man is not just the house's head; he's also the family priest. Nature abhors a vacuum. When de jure priests are MIA, the second-in-command fills the space. It's either that or the Enemy will take advantage of the situation. Thank you, sisters, for filling in the gap. 

What would happen if all the men in this country would, in one accord and to the one Almighty God, petition for the same prayer items? Here are some things I know would happen … 

Change happens 

Since independence, we've been crying about lousy leadership. But these leaders don't come from Mars. They come from our pads, boardrooms and presbyteries. 

It's one thing to pray to God for a leader and another to pray with a bias. 

Biblical Israel is a good example. They prayed for a king because they wanted to be like neighbouring nations. Just like us, they got Saul, a people-pleaser. 

If men pray with one accord, sans preferences, we can get a David; a leader after God's own heart. 

Repentance occurs

Historical injustices are mainly committed by men who were in authority, which need to be addressed and redressed. 

Forgiveness can only come if we repent, one to another, of our fathers and forefathers' sins. Repentance is a state of heart, a radical shift that's not just spoken, but also lived. 

Revival starts

More than any other time in its history, our nation is at a crossroads of morality and immorality. You cannot legislate or police morality; you can only teach it. 

And this inculcation starts from the top down. Our children see what we're doing, and they pick up from where we have left. 

Battles are won

There are battles that we are fighting and losing badly because we're employing flesh and blood to fight spiritual wars. 

Unless we acknowledge that our stronghold - tribalism - must be cast down using spiritual and human weapons, we will always fight a losing battle. And because we're the gender that's at the frontline of perpetuating this societal vice, it's incumbent on us to be at the forefront of this battle. 

Healing comes

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on us, medically and financially. In such battles, science and religion can work hand-in-glove. 

Even as we adhere to the health protocols, we ought to pray because our lives and livelihoods - and our children's future - depend on it. 

Men, we can move this mountain and go on with our lives. Let's do this.