The rise of atheism in modern Kenya


What you need to know:

  • The Free Thinkers Initiative in Kenya (Fika) runs a web page in which over 1,000 atheists congregate to share their experiences. Through the page, the group has organised various forums and one is scheduled for August this year in Nairobi
  • Non-believers will have to struggle for a long time to find acceptance at the marketplace because religion is still a very important part of the lives of Kenyans
  • Pew Forum, an American research firm, records the median age of most atheists and agnostics in sub-Saharan Africa at 20, compared to 34 in nations such as Japan and Europ

In the deeply religious society that is Kenya, Ssemakula Mukiibi stands out like a sore thumb over his beliefs... or, more appropriately, lack thereof.


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