Apps that every homeowner should have

There are a number of essential apps that a homeowner can benefit from. PHOTO | COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • Centriq: It saves you time you did not know needed to be saved.
  • iScape: This is an important app not only for homeowners, but also architects and interior designers.
  • Houzz: This one has proved useful to people in the real-estate sector, such as developers and private home and office owners.
  • Ourhome: This comes in handy for anyone in charge of a home or a number of people working on a collaborative project.
  • Coordinated calendars: The app can update project members on upcoming deadlines as well as other important details.

Technology. Where would we be without it? Thanks to technology, there are mobile applications for just about everything, so it only makes sense that there are apps specifically built with homeowners in mind. 


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