‘I feel like a dreadlocked Kikuyu youth in post-Mungiki Murang’a’

Osman Mohamed Osman. I am a Kenyan — forget all that ‘Kenyan-Somali’ nonsense bandied around of late — and if there is anyone whose heart beats for the good of this nation, that person is me. PHOTO/COURTESY

What you need to know:

  • I want to write about what is going on in Kenya today, but before we get to that, allow me to digress a bit.
  • Even as I confess my Kenyanness, which I swore long ago to uphold and respect, I am now torn between confessing my patriotic allegiances and my ethnic affiliations.
  • I have a right to be called a Kenyan, to be identified with my nation rather than the shape of my nose and the language I speak.

It is really disturbing to be told by a brother that you are not a brother anymore, to be chased away from a house you have always called home, to be accused of doing injustice to a brother you have always regarded in high esteem.


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