Rising rumba star John Junior follows in maestro Musa Juma's footsteps

What you need to know:

  • John Junior draws inspiration from Ochieng Kabaselleh, who carried the torch for rumba in the 1970s at a time when the exciting dance beat of benga was the dominant music in Kenya.
  • His career started under the tutelage of rumba great, Otieno Jagausi. He later joined Orchestra Limpopo International headed by the rumba great, Musa Juma.
  • John Junior has proved to be an aggressive self-promoter.

With his well-groomed beard, dark glasses and gold chain, John Odhiambo Orondo, or ‘J.J’ to his fans, cuts the image of a modern music star. John Junior the ‘King of rumba’ is arguably the biggest name in the genre at the moment, at least in Kenya, and an artist who recognises that the music is as important as the swagger and style of the performer.


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