Help! I have a depression in my ureter


Symptoms of a urine infection include frequently passing urine, pain when passing urine urethral itching or burning sensation.

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What you need to know:

  • The ureter may have a pouch/pocket as a result of an abnormality during its formation before birth.
  • It could have an out-pouching called a diverticulum.
  • Surgery can be done to correct these pouches.
  • Any time you have an infection, your spouse should also be treated at the same time as you.

Dr Flo,
I am a 58-year-old man and the doctors found a depression/pocket in the left ureter. I think some urine usually collects in that pocket, allowing bacteria to multiply. I always feel itchy on the left thigh near my private parts. Is there a way this depression/pocket can be removed or treated. What can be done so that the ureter can be smooth? The issue has affected my sex life. My partner’s private parts also get itchy every time we have sex.


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