Parenting 101: Old methods still gold

Parents should be good role models to their children. 

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What you need to know:

  • Speak to your children using positive words of affirmation and correct them with love.

Today's parents have to deal with significantly more challenges than parents of previous generations. From globalization to the digital age, parents now worry more about what their children are exposed to, what cultures they choose to emulate and the kind of impact these will have on the children.

Don't fret, we remind you of the good old parenting techniques which can ensure you give your children the desired foundation.

Be a role model to your children
Children learn most things by watching their parents and other people. To be a role model to your kid, you must show good, empathetic behaviour, the kind that you would like to see them portray. 

Show them your love and concern
If you love them, show them because this is what will give them confidence and assure them of your support. However, do not spoil them by ignoring their mistakes or not pointing out negative things.

Practice positive parenting
Expose your children to positive experiences so that they make pleasant memories. Remember to also speak to your children positively and correct them with love.