How can I stop sabotaging my relationships?

woman sad pensive
The fear of rejection you are experiencing is the feelings of a chronically insecure partner.

What you need to know:

  • Making stuff up and then believing it is a sure way to self-torment. Unless you change your way of thinking, you will not be able to sustain this relationship – or any other in future

Q: I have been in relationships but I am not able to sustain them. I was dumped by my first boyfriend and I was very hurt. Ever since, I haven’t really been able to trust any other man. I ended two other relationships for fear that I would be left, in order to avoid the hurt of abandonment. I’m now in another one with the same feelings of insecurity. If he's quiet I start panicking, thinking: ‘What's he planning? Is he going to end it with me? Has he met someone else?’ If I don't know exactly where he is I get suspicious. He constantly has to reassure me. What can I do? I need to know whether he loves me and if the relationship will work.


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