DP Rigathi Gachagua, Moses Kuria go at each other’s throats again

Rigathi Gachagua

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua condoles with Vice Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Jonah Mwangi (right) during the burial of his mother, Teresia Wangechi, in Nyandarua County. 

Photo credit: DPCS

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Saturday (September 23) dropped a conciliatory tone he had taken with Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, when he appeared to target the minister, once again, over his comments on fuel price increases and sharing of government resources and appointments.

Mr Gachagua had on Friday rubbished calls for the sacking of Mr Kuria following his comments that were seen as mocking Kenyans’ pains on the rising fuel prices. But the DP went back to his message that leaders need to be compassionate with citizens in their messaging.

At the same time, Mr Gachagua appeared to fight back comments by Mr Kuria that Kenya was not a shareholding company, and that development and appointments should be equally distributed.

"The clergy gives us hope every Sunday. I urge leaders issuing statements of hopelessness to Kenyans to give Kenyans hope like the clergy do. The cost of fuel is an international crisis. Let's stop hypocrisy and tell Kenyans the truth,” Mr Gachagua said.

He was speaking in Nyandarua County during the burial of Ms Teresia Mwangi, mother of Vice Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Jonah Mwangi.

Mr Gachagua said he is not apologetic about his utterance that Kenya is a shareholders company, adding those who planted must reap from their labour.

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"You can't plant maize and expect to harvest beans. Even at the family level, a mother doesn't feed her neighbour’s children before her own are fed. I have been accused of being rude and condemned for this fact as it is, but I’m not apologetic," said the DP.

Speaking in Siaya on Thursday, Mr Kuria appeared to go after his boss on the ‘Kenya is a shareholding’ statement, saying all Kenyans are shareholders in the national government and are contributing to development.

“By the mere product that you have that can contribute to our jobs, our foreign exchange and our national GDP, everybody in this country is a shareholder and as I complete this program you will see that we can all move together,” said Mr Kuria.

The DP reiterated that the populous Mt Kenya region is united and there is no leadership crisis.

The DP also defended President William Ruto's performance saying he has stabilised economic growth and Kenyans should expect a basket full of goodies from Dr Ruto from his United States visit.
Local leaders used the funeral to lobby for development projects.

Governor Kiarie Badilisha said farmers from the dry Ndaragua region need seeds for planting during the expected El Nino rains, adding that his government can only afford to distribute planting materials to 10, 000 farmers.

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"I appeal for support of seeds from your office, this area has experienced harsh weather and climate patterns in the last five years. They are in dire need of food aid and seeds. I also request the national government through your office to hasten the completion of irrigation water projects, they will be a game changer for this region," said the governor.

Ms Faith Gitau, the County Woman MP, said the Central Kenya region is strongly behind President Ruto and his deputy, adding that the welfare of the region is well taken care of by the government, through projects and representation.

She appealed for food relief for starving residents in the dry Ndaragua region which has not harvested anything in the last five years due to the vagaries of weather.

Area MCA Kamau Gathungu appealed for the upgrade of Aberdare Teachers College in his Leshao Pondo Ward, and tarmacking of the 4 kilometers road from Mairoinya to the college in honour of the deceased.

"Aberdare Teachers College is the only national institution in Leshao Pondo Ward but it looks like a nursery school building. It has this year admitted 250 students but it needs to be refurbished. We thank you for the Sh30 million you donated a few days ago in support of the college but a lot needs to be done Mr DP," said the MCA.
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