Famous Marsh pride lion killed in territorial fight with rival group in Mara


Some of the famous Marsh pride lions featured in the BBC's ‘Big Cat Diary’ with on July 22, 2021.

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Big cat lovers in the world-famous Masai Mara game reserve are mourning the death of a famous lion nicknamed "Logol" of the popular Marsh pride.

The lion is reported to have been mauled to death by rival pride males of Engoyani pride in a territorial conflict.

The Marsh pride male Logol was killed by the Engoyani males who are said to be his half-brothers in the Cheli prides territory within the Mara North Conservancy.

The death of Logol now leaves his partner identified as "Half-Tail" as the only remaining male in the pride.

According to information on the lion, Logol was born in 2015 as a son of the legendary veterans Olbarnoti and Lolparpit lions.

The Marsh pride is now faced with the decision of whether they want to stay at the highly competitive Mara North Conservancy or return to their old ground in the conservancy.

The death of the celebrity lion has, however, received rousing messages of condolences from big cat enthusiasts on social media.

Facebook page

The Mara Conservation Programme took to its social media Facebook page to pay tribute to the fallen king of the jungle.

"Heartbreaking news. We have just received the news that Logol has been killed by the Engoyanai males who are in control of the offbeat pride. The question now remains what will happen to Halftail and the Marsh pride?" read the post.

Mr Luis Luton, a tourist and a big cat lover, posted that he saw the deceased lion weeks ago before he met his demise on Monday.

"Heartbreaking news. I saw him a couple of weeks ago. Though his limp was injured so badly. So sad that the handsome 'boy' is gone," posted Mr Luton.

The Marsh pride of the lions are famous having been featured in the BBC's "Big Cat Diary" television series that documented the pride's life at Mara North Conservancy.