Children who ate chameleons in Molo discharged from hospital

Molo Sub-County Hospital where the two minors were treated.

The two children who ate chameleons prepared by their brother, after going for days without food, in Nyakinyua village, Nakuru County have been discharged from the hospital.

The children, aged four and two, were taken to the hospital for medical attention after they started vomiting and complaining of abdominal pains.

The two minors were admitted to the Molo Sub-County Hospital and were treated for food poisoning.

The hospital's medical superintendent, Bernard Warui, said the minors were attended to by doctors who gave the patients emergency treatment and managed to stabilise them.

Dr Warui added that for the three days the minors were in the hospital, doctor's monitored them round the clock to ensure that they were out danger.

"This was a unique case as we have never received patients with such a problem. Doctors ensured that they are stable. The two have been discharged and are doing fine," said Dr Warui

After her children were discharged from the hospital, Joyce Chepng’etich expressed her gratitude to everyone who helped in one way or another to save her children.

Ms Chepng'etich was away looking for casual jobs when the incident happened.

She returned home in the evening to find two chameleon heads on the floor.

“When I left in the morning, my children were fine. I instructed the eldest to look after the rest as I went looking for food, because we had nothing in the house,” said the mother of eight.

“I did not find the casual job I had anticipated and so I had to look for an alternative.

She said that when she returned home in the evening, she found two children on the floor writhing in pain “and the eldest told me that he had prepared chameleon soup for them”.

“He said he had to feed them the chameleons because they had been crying the whole day, complaining of hunger.”

She asked neighbours for help to transport the children to a private hospital in Molo. They were referred to the Molo Sub-County Hospital.