President Ruto backs Sakaja’s crackdown on noisy estate bars

Ruto backs Sakaja's crackdown on noisy bars in city estates

President William Ruto has backed the move by the Nairobi County Government to control noise from nightclubs.

Speaking at Tatu City Special Economic Zone during the official opening of the Twiga Food distribution centre on Monday, the President assured Governor Sakaja of his government's full support.

The President urged the governor to protect children from noise.

"Governor Sakaja, please keep the noise away from our children. You have our support," President Ruto said.

This comes hours after several clubs were raided by police officers for not switching off their music at 10pm.

Revellers at the popular 1824 bar on Lang’ata Road were on Sunday night caught unawares after police officers stormed the establishment barely hours after Governor Sakaja issued a final warning to nightclubs in the city’s residential areas to comply with the order to revoke their licenses.

With the club management seemingly taken by surprise, the unsuspecting revellers who were enjoying their drinks and making merry were forced to leave their bottles of alcohol on their tables.

Stern action

Governor Sakaja had earlier on Sunday indicated that he would take stern action on premises that fail to heed his orders to revoke all licenses of nightclubs and liquor stores within residential areas.

Mr Sakaja’s directive followed complaints from the public about increased noise pollution from nightclubs in residential areas.

The county chief also directed that all liquor-selling premises in the county should provide adequate parking space for its clients and subsequently warned that vehicles obstructing traffic on roads and footpaths would be impounded.

But the directive of impounding vehicles goes against Governor Sakaja’s word of stopping county government enforcement officers from impounding and towing motor vehicles and motorcycles which violate laws in the city county.

Earlier on, the governor said motorists who violate bylaws would be charged without necessarily impounding their vehicles.