Emma Too to sue Samaki Samaki after tiff with Trevor Ombija over noise

Ms Emma Too

Ms Emma Too. Miss Too has written and tweeted about her tribulations and the offending bar has offered to soundproof her house.

Photo credit: File | Anthony Njoroge | Nation Media Group

Weeks after an online spat between Emma Too and Citizen TV’s news anchor Trevor Ombija over noise pollution in residential areas, the former beauty queen has revealed that she intends to take the battle to court.

Ms Too said she will sue the owners of  Samaki Samaki Seafood and Jazz over noise pollution. 

Speaking during a Twitter Spaces discussion hosted by Nationon Thursday evening on the pros and cons of having bars within residential areas, Ms Too said her noise pollution complaints were initially ignored until she turned to social media. 

She also complained that patrons of the restaurant park outside her house haphazardly and also use the space outside her house as taxi drop-off point, increasing security risk.

“The establishment across my place started off by saying it was a jazz bar. Okay, they played jazz, and if you played jazz at a low volume, it’s palatable. It’s not going to vibrate my house. But there are certain beats that you’ll play - and I live in an old house - it literally vibrates my house," she said.

Ms Too claimed the loud music from the restaurant has inconvenienced several neighbours, including an embassy that sits on the other side of the club.

“Even after the music is switched off at 3 or 4am,  the patrons are still talking loudly to each other because they’ve been listening to loud music and shouting at each other. We’re still not able to sleep,” added Ms Too.

During the discussion, she clarified that her intention is not to have any business shut down but to have them respect the people who live where they come to open their bars and clubs.