Nairobi Assembly Speaker Ken Ng'ondi in trouble for forcing Muslim woman to hug him

A series of screengrabs showing the moment Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng'ondi forced a Muslim woman to hug him.

A series of screengrabs showing the moment Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng'ondi forced a Muslim woman to hug him.

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A video clip of Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng'ondi forcing a Muslim woman to shake his hand and hug him during a birthday party has sparked outrage on social media.

In the clip, Mr Ng'ondi is seen greeting and hugging other guests before approaching the seated woman.

Although the woman refuses to shake his hand, Mr Ng'ondi forces her to stand up and hug him as he tells the photographer to take the picture.

"Greet me today! It is my birthday!" Mr Ng'ondi tells the woman.

However, the woman rebuffed the advances before being forced to stand up.

Mr Ken Ng'ondi, newly elected Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly. 

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Other male colleagues join in, urging her to greet the County Assembly Speaker.

The video clip was taken during a birthday celebration at the Nairobi City County Assembly on November 23, 2022, shortly after the general election.

Posted on social media platforms

After it was posted on social media platforms, Muslim leaders called for the county assembly speaker to be removed from office for what they described as sexual harassment.

The Muslim Lawyers Association called for Mr Ng'ondi to be prosecuted for sexual assault.

“Such reprehensible behaviour is criminal, unethical, and immoral and not only violates her religious beliefs but also constitutes a grave violation of bodily autonomy and dignity. We therefore urgently demand accountability and immediate commencement of criminal charges by DCI against Hon. Ken Ng'ondi for this egregious act of sexual harassment,” the association said in the statement.

Lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi also condemned the incident, likening it to physical assault.

“This is physical assault, a gross trespass to the person of the lady. I will be very surprised if criminal charges are not preferred,” he posted on the X Platform.

Former Mandera senator Billow Kerrow called for the county Speaker's resignation, insisting that the matter should be investigated by the investigating authorities.

“The lady is an official in the County Assembly. His action amounts to sexual harassment offence in law, and contravenes provisions of (the) Leadership & Integrity Act. He is not fit to be in office & must be forced to resign. County Assembly members are lawmakers & should not allow an uncouth person like him to lead the Assembly. ODPP should order an investigation too for criminal charges,” Mr Kerrow posted on his X account.