Man dies after girlfriend throws him off a building in Nairobi

Celestine Oyeko

Celestine Oyeko at the Makadara Law Courts.

Photo credit: Joseph Ndunda | Nation Media Group

A 36-year-old woman who allegedly threw her boyfriend from a storeyed building in Ruaraka, Nairobi is awaiting murder charges after the lover succumbed to injuries at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).

Celestine Adhiambo Oyeko, a mother of four, was to be charged at the Makadara law courts with attempted murder on Friday, March 31.

She is accused of seriously assaulting Braiton Litoro before throwing him down from a building where they lived.

But the office of the Director of Public Prosecution sought more time to amend the charges after police informed the prosecutors that the victim had since died.

Ms Oyeko will now be charged with causing the death of Litoro in Baba Ndogo on March 15.

She was to be charged with unlawfully attempting to cause the death of Litoro by seriously assaulting him, jointly with another not before the court.

The accomplice, who is her new lover, is still at large and police are pursuing him.

Ms Oyeko will remain in police custody until April 5 when she will be charged with murder at the high court in Nairobi.

Ms Oyeko had decided to end her relationship with Litoro and informed him before she changed padlocks at her house where they cohabited.

She told him not to pay the rent anymore as she was not interested in living with him.

Ms Oyeko had returned to the house with her new lover and found Litoro in a vacant house after returning home at around 11pm.

The two new lovers are said to have jointly assaulted and caused him serious injuries before throwing him down.

The charge sheet did not indicate from what floor. Litoro’s father found a crowd milling around a man lying unconscious on the road.

He curiously moved closer and discovered that it was his son.

He enquired and members of the public informed him that the man had been assaulted by his girlfriend and her lover.

He took Litoro to a nearby clinic where he was informed to take him to the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Umoja.

Litoro was treated at the hospital before he was transferred to KNH where he has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where he died.