Court orders city residents to clean Nairobi River, markets after flouting Covid rules

Photo credit: NMS

Police in Nairobi arrested more than 50 people over the weekend in renewed operations against breach of Ministry of Health directives on prevention of coronavirus.

The 57 lawbreakers were held at the Kilimani Police Station before they were arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts.

They were released on community service order.

Photo credit: NMS

“They are expected to report at 8am to 5pm for the entire week for their services including clean-up of Marikiti and Muthurua markets, Globe, Nairobi River, as will be assigned,” the order read.

Those who will skip their sentence, will be rearrested and arraigned in court for a stiffer punishment, officials said.

Some of the offenders were found drinking in bars beyond stipulated curfew hours, others were found without masks while traders were found not adhering to social distancing rule.

Photo credit: NMS