Murang'a police on the spot over controversial shooting of two robbery suspects

Murang'a Robbers

Two of the suspected bank robbers subdued by police.

Photo credit: Courtesy | Mwangi Muiruri

Police in Murang'a County on Sunday gunned down two suspected bank robbers and recovered Sh1.14 million, two assault rifles, and 20 bullets.

According to the police, there was an exchange of fire between them and the suspects at the expansive Kinyona Forest before they managed to gun down the two even as two others escaped.

However, photos from the scene first showed the two suspects subdued with their hands tied together while surrounded by armed police officers.

It is not yet clear how the suspects later managed to free themselves and stage a gunfight that left them sprawled dead.

Through a police signal, Murang'a County police Commander Mr Ali Nuno confirmed the incident.

An operation had been launched on Saturday after a gang of six robbers raided the Unaitas Sacco branch in Murang'a's Mununga trading centre.

The gang first attacked two police officers guarding the Sacco, disarmed them, emptied the tills and as they escaped, shot a civilian in the leg.

The bank heist had been preceded by another February 25, 2023 incident when a gang of six robbers attacked two police officers manning a roadblock along Kangare Kaharate road and disarmed one of his AK47 rifle.

The police signal indicated that "the operation was progressing in Kinyona Forest where at around 0900 hours, the officers sighted two men in civilian clothes armed with G3 and AK47 rifles and also carrying a bag". It added that when the two were challenged to stop, they defied.

“In the process, an exchange ensued and the two suspects were fatally injured and a recovery of G3A3 s/no J61009 loaded with 8 rounds of 7.62mm of ammunition robbed off from an officer manning Unaitas Sacco Mununga branch was recovered."

The communication added that an AK47 loaded with 14 rounds of 7.62mm special robbed off a police officer on patrol within the Muthithi Police Station area vide OB 09/25/02/2023 was also recovered.

“A bag containing money which had been stolen at Unaitas was also recovered and confirmed to be a sum of Sh1, 137,370 in different denominations was also recovered," the signal read.

It added that the scene was documented and necessary police action was taken.

“The police firearms have been kept in safe custody and the two bodies taken to Murang'a Level Five Hospital Mortuary awaiting identification and autopsy. The operation is still on with an effort to track down two other suspects who were sighted but disappeared into the thick forest,” it said adding that the remaining loot from the bank is also being pursued.