Maragua man arrested on suspicion of killing wife over Sh3,000 bhang dispute

Hand cuffs

Man arrested on suspicion of killing his wife following an argument about bhang worth Sh3,000.

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A 47-year-old man in Murang’a County has been arrested on suspicion of killing his wife on Saturday night following an argument about bhang worth Sh3,000.

The incident occurred in Maragua Town’s Mathare estate, which is known for notoriety with bhang dealers and illicit brew trade.

Police said the man is a notorious bhang peddler who has been in and out of jail for dealing in narcotics and illicit brew.

Maragua Division Assistant County Commissioner Joshua Okello said witness statements allude to the high likelihood that the man beat his wife identified, Wanjiku Njambi, to death while locked inside theirs single room.

“Neighbours are reporting that the two were heard arguing about bhang proceeds. The husband was heard saying the wife had misappropriated the cash and wanted it back. There are witnesses, who include the suspect’s elderly mother, who are saying they volunteered to refund the cash but he would hear none of it,” he said.

But everything went silent in the house at around 11pm.

At around midnight, the man procured the services of a motorcycle rider and transported the unconscious Njambi to Maragua Level Four Hospital where she was proclaimed dead.

“The husband was referred to Maragua Police Station to book the death. He took the body to the station and said he had collected it from a nearby banana plantation. He was issued with an introductory letter to take it to Murang’a County mortuary,” he said.

Mr Okello said the man booked the body as that of a stranger and he was only acting as a Good Samaritan.

Murang’a South Deputy County Commissioner Gitonga Murungi said the matter is now under active police investigations after neighbours rioted for two days protesting against an alleged cover-up.   

“We are revisiting every bit of detail about this incident. We are collecting witness statements and we have since arrested the man. We are auditing every move in this case so far and soon the truth shall emerge,” he said.

Mr Murungi said detectives are waiting for the post-mortem report scheduled to be filed on Wednesday to know the cause of death.

“If evidence will incriminate the husband to murder, he will certainly be charged in court. So far we are in the investigative stage and it shall be well defined by Friday,” he said.

Mr Murungi urged everyone with information about the incident to come forward and record statements to help pursue justice for the deceased.

“Those who are saying they had offered to fundraise for the deceased to get the cash that was being demanded from her, the boda boda rider who took her to hospital and to the police station…the pickup driver who helped the suspect ferry the body to the mortuary…all of them are crucial witnesses,” he said.

Mr Murungi further said he has ordered ground security teams to crackdown on drug dealers in Mathare Estate.