How banker was beaten to death outside Tapas club in Mombasa

Mr David Wokabi Kamau who died after being assaulted by security guards at Nyali Centre in Mombasa. PHOTO | COURTESY

If David Wokabi Kamau had not needed to go for a short call at the Nyali Centre parking lot on January 7, 2018, perhaps would be alive today and waiting to vote for his preferred candidate in the August 9 General Election.

But as fate would have its way, Mr Kamau, a banker, met his death in a bizarre way that left his family and friends shocked, wondering how a simple response to the call of nature would lead to his demise.

Mr Kamau was beaten to death outside Tapas club as he left for home with friends after a night out.

Prosecutors say Mr Hamisi Hare Karisa and Mr Said Mwamuye were responsible for his death.

They were charged in the Mombasa High Court with his murder.

On the fateful day, Mr Kamau was in the company of Yvette Odhiambo. They had just left the Tapas club.

On Tuesday, Ms Adhiambo recounted to the court the events that led to the murder of her friend. 

She explained that as they left the club for home, Mr Kamau’s bladder pressed him so much that he could no longer hold back its contents.

“He then relieved himself on the grass at the club’s parking lot,” the witness told High Court Judge Anne Ong’injo.

As he urinated, three of the club’s security guards charged towards him in an attempt to stop him.

A confrontation ensued and the guards wrestled him down.

Security guards Hamisi Karisa (Left) and Said Mwamuye at the Mombasa Law Courts on July 26, 2022. They have been charged with the murder of David Wokabi Kamau after he relieved himself Nyali Centre parking lot on January 7, 2018.

Photo credit: Wachira Mwangi I Nation Media Group

“I intervened and asked them what was wrong with one relieving himself because he was pressed hard. I pulled Kamau away and they left him,” she said. 

But as the duo were driving towards the main exit of the mall, Ms Adhiambo said the security guards placed a barrier on the road to block them from leaving the scene. 

She said Mr Kamau got out of the car and questioned the guards about what they had done.

“[The guards] called their friends and started battering Kamau. I was helpless, I couldn’t help because when I tried to intervene, they ordered me to stay away before they descended on me as well,” she said. 

The security guards continued battering Mr Kamau with clubs, kicks and blows until he fell down and became unconscious.

“They hit him on the head and on the upper part of the body. He tried to fight them off but they overpowered him. He then fell down. I raised the alarm and people came,” she said. 

Ms Adhiambo narrated that people who ran to the scene advised her to take Mr Kamau to the hospital as he could not walk on his own due to his injuries.

And with the help of friends, she rushed Mr Kamau to Jocham hospital, where he was given first aid before being referred to another hospital. 

“He was admitted to the ICU there and stayed for three days and later died,” said Ms Adhiambo, who occasionally broke into tears as she recounted the events of that day. 

When asked to show the court the suspects that had beaten his friend to death, the woman said there were many security guards and she could not remember their faces.

“The incident was so traumatising that I could not remember any face. We were also intoxicated. His only offence was to relieve himself on the grass,” she said. 

Mr Karisa and Mr Mwamuye have denied killing Mr Kamau.

The hearing continues today. 


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