‘Rat on the highway’ man arrested over Sh5 million illegal govt drugs

Mr Alex Sadi

Mr Alex Sadi, who was arrested on Monday after a raid at his Mtwapa pharmacy for stocking government medicine. Mr Sadi went viral in 2016 after his arrest by NTSA officers was caught on tape (inset).

Photo credit: Farhiya Hussein | Nation Media Group

Police on Monday arrested Mr Alex Sadi, after a raid on his Mtwapa pharmacy revealed stocks of government medicine on Sunday.

Mr Sadi was arrested at the shop on Monday morning, according to Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) Head of Crime Investigations and Enforcement Unit Dennis Otieno.

"Apparently, he came back to the shop like a normal day. When we went to fetch the rest of the government medicines, we found him present at the pharmacy," said Mr Otieno.

On Sunday evening, the agency’s officers raided Mr Sadi’s Kadunguni Pharmacy in Mtwapa, Mombasa where they found the drugs. The government drugs were worth Sh5 million.

"Upon entering the pharmacy, we headed to the storage area which was open, and found a number of medical items branded Kemsa GoK," Mr Otieno said after the raid.

According to Mr Otieno, the chemist has a storage at the back where officers found the goods.

Mr Sadi was arrested for drink-driving in December 2016, and a video of him engaging traffic police officers went viral on social media, becoming the face of displeasure against alcoblow operations. In the video, he is heard protesting: "When you catch me like a rat on the highway ..."

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