Meru dealers tamper with fuel pumps for profit

Fuel pump

Traders in Meru are tampering with pumps to dispense less fuel.

Photo credit: File| Nation Media Group

If you are a motorist in Meru County, you could be a victim of traders tampering with pumps to dispense less fuel.

County weights and measures officials have unearthed a syndicate of traders dispensing about 800ml of fuel instead of a litre.

The traders know how to tamper with pumps without interfering with calibration seals installed by county inspectors.

According to Meru County Trade Director Kagwiria Murega, investigations have shown that private technicians are colluding with the traders to tamper with pumps.

The vice is common among small fuel stations that have mushroomed in markets and villages to serve boda bodas.

“The tampering of the pumps is rampant. Of the seven we inspected in Igembe South, only one was okay,” Murega said.

“The pump is messed up in such a way that it retains up to two litres for every 20 sold. The rogue operators call technicians immediately after our officers have inspected the pumps and interfere with the seal.”

Ms Murega added that the devolved government has increased the number of seals in fuel pump to address the menace.

The director said retailers are doing all they can, including resorting to breaking the law, to make profits as fuel prices rise.

She called on the public to be on high alert and help the national and county governments identify rogue traders, adding that those found tampering with pumps would face the law.