Reprieve for Governor Mwangaza as 40 MCAs oppose impeachment attempts

Meru Mcas

A section of Meru MCAs during a press conference on May 24, 2023. The MCAs led by Majority Leader Evans Mawira have defended governor Kawira Mwangaza. 

Photo credit: David Muchui I Nation Media Group

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza can breathe a sigh of relief after more than 40 MCAs rejected threats by some of their colleagues to revive her impeachment Motion from next week.

The MCAs led by Majority Leader Evans Mawira and Majority Whip Jim Muchui dismissed the calls for impeachment as personal opinions that are backed by a few MCAs.

Their comment came after another group of MCAs led by Minority Leader Mwenda Ithili vowed to revive the impeachment process against the governor starting next week.

Meru has 68 MCAs.

Addressing journalists in Meru town on Wednesday, the majority MCAs accused some Meru MPs of interfering with county politics leading to the standoff.

Members of the executive last week hit out at the deputy governor accusing him of not responding to allegations that his vehicle was withdrawn, hence giving credence to the allegations.

"After the impeachment, Members of the County Assembly agreed to consult with the governor regularly when issues arise. The position of the majority is that our support for Governor Kawira Mwangaza remains intact. Our focus now is to see development across the county," Mr Muchui said.

Majority Leader Evans Mawira said politicians should give the governor space to deliver.

"We have not found any sound reason to impeach the governor. We urge our colleagues to calm down and concentrate on delivering to our people. The county secretary has been in office for very few days to be impeached," Mr Mawira said.

He added that the alleged fallout between the governor and her deputy was a creation of politicians.

County vehicle

"It is not true that the deputy governor's vehicle was withdrawn. It is a driver in the deputy governor's office who was dealt with for misusing the county vehicle," the Majority Leader said.

Kianjai MCA Ken Naibae said the political fights were being fuelled by a section of MPs whose eyes were trained on the 2027 elections.

"We will defend the governor, by all means, to be able to deliver. Our MPs should desist from playing dirty politics and concentrate on defending the interests of Meru in Nairobi," Mr Naibae said.

Kiirua/Naari MCA Jennifer Murogocho said they would deal harshly with their colleagues who attempt to fight the governor through impeachment.

"As representatives of the people of Meru, we will not be dragged into politics of witch-hunt. We cannot have development with negative politics," she said.

On one hand, Governor Mwangaza is at loggerheads with Senator Kathuri Murungi over his latest campaign to keep the county executive in check through a shadow cabinet.

Senator Murungi has called a consultative meeting of all elected leaders on Saturday, a gathering that is laden with political undertones.

The Senator was to initially hold the meeting in Meru town but shifted to Maua after first gentleman Murega Baichu announced a philanthropy event some 200 meters from the Senator's meeting venue.

MCAs opposed to the governor accuse her of dictatorship and failure to “change her ways” despite last year's impeachment attempt.

Minority Leader Mwenda Ithili accused the governor of using her executive members to undermine and vilify the deputy governor besides intimidating county staff.

"We have come out to inform the presidency that the problems that took us to the Senate last year are still with us. The governor's leadership style is divisive. The negotiating team should go back to the drawing board," Deputy Speaker Mwenda Ali, who is also Njia MCA, said.

He claimed MCAs, who were keen on keeping the government in check, were being victimised and their wards were denied access to development projects.

"The governor lacks leadership skills and is only focused on the 2027 politics. She has been attacking any leader she perceives to be her enemy. We will start by impeaching the county secretary next week," Mr Ithili warned.

Ms Mwangaza has maintained that she is being attacked for standing firm against the misuse of county resources.