Kisumu Polytechnic to re-open on February 17

Rioting Kisumu National Polytechnic students on February 3, 2020. PHOTO | ONDARI | OGEGA | NATION MEDIA GEROUP

What you need to know:

  • Mr Lomolo said the fees remains Sh56,420 per year as per the government's guidelines.

Kisumu National Polytechnic, which was closed over student riots on Tuesday, will reopen on February 17.

The institution’s Principal Chanzu Lomolo said that a council meeting on Wednesday decided that the 6,842 students return to school between February 17 and 19. The institution has more than 13,000 students.

Kisumu National Polytechnic was closed indefinitely on Tuesday following student unrest.

According to a signed notice from Kisumu National Polytechnic Students Association chairperson, the students rioted over arbitrary increases in fees and insecurity. The allegations were denied by Mr Lomolo.  

On Monday, the students engaged police in running battles during a protest against insecurity.  

At least five students were arrested during the incident. Mr Lomolo said the fees remains Sh56,420 per year as per the government guidelines.

“Of the Sh56,420, the government has provided a capitation of Sh30,000 and students only pay Sh26,420. Needy students can apply for loans from the Higher Education Loans Board," said the principal.