Police officers arrested after Ugandan murder suspect escapes from custody 

Crime scene

The suspect who is on the run is the main suspect in his employer's gruesome murder.

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What you need to know:

  • The escaped suspect was being held at Kiamaciri Police Station.
  • Another suspect who escaped with the Ugandan has been re-arrested.

Two police officers have been arrested after a Ugandan national who is suspected of murder escaped from Kiamaciri Police Station in Kirinyaga County.

The officers were arrested after the suspect, who is the main suspect in his employer's gruesome murder, escaped from custody.

The suspect was being held at the police station after the court allowed detectives to hold him for 14 days to enable them to complete their investigations.

Kirinyaga County Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Jason Mworia confirmed the arrest, saying the officers will be charged in court.

He said another suspect accused of committing an unnatural act and who had escaped together with the Ugandan has been re-arrested.

Dangerous criminal

The officers could be charged with aiding the suspected criminals to escape from lawful custody.

Mr Mworia described the Ugandan as a dangerous criminal who should be arrested as soon as possible.

He asked residents to volunteer information which can help detectives re-arrest the suspect who is on the run.

The suspect went into hiding in November last year after he allegedly murdered his employer, Rose Muthoni Kariuki, at Kombuini village in Mwea and escaped with her mobile phone.

The deceased was found inside her house with blood oozing from the mouth and nose. The deceased also bore bruises on the neck.

Neighbours and family members became suspicious when they failed to see the deceased and decided to check on her.

Painful death

Residents said the deceased woman had been living alone before she met her death.

They described her as a humble, God-fearing and friendly person who did not deserve such a painful death.

The suspect was later arrested but escaped while being taken back to court.

Detectives travelled to Uganda and flushed him from his hideout and re-arrested him.

When the suspect was arrested the residents and the family celebrated. But their joy was short-lived when the suspect walked out of the heavily guarded police station unnoticed.

Detectives explained how they tracked down the mobile phone number of the suspect and caught up with him at his hideout and brought him back to Kirinyaga where he allegedly committed murder.

The phone belonging to the slain employer was also recovered from the suspect.