Subdivision of controversial Kibiko land suspended

Members of Keekonyokie Community Land Trust in Kiserian town

Members of Keekonyokie Community Land Trust protesting alleged grabbing of their parcel of land. They say they have been living in fear with several individuals forcefully collecting their National ID card numbers.

Photo credit: Stanley Ngotho | Nation Media Group

The government has suspended the subdivision of a controversial 2,800 acres community piece of land in Kajiado West Sub County following a week of tension over alleged grabbing.

Addressing more than 2,000 women from Keekonyokie Community Land Trust who had trekked for 21 kilometers from Kibiko to Kiserian town, Kajiado West Deputy County Commissioner Morang’a Murekwa said the government has suspended the subdivision of the land forthwith.

Mr Murekwa said the government will not allow a few individuals to disenfranchise genuine community members for self-gain.

“The government has suspended the land subdivision or any other activity on the land. This piece of land belongs to the members. It’s the members who will decide who will benefit,” he said.

He further clarified equality will be observed during the subdivision even as he warned land cartels and administrators who are said to be registering new members.

“My office will ensure there will be a single center of power under one chairperson. No individual will be allowed to own an extra piece of land unfairly. For the members who are deceased, their families will benefit,” said Mr Murekwa.

The women said they have been living in fear with several individuals forcefully collecting their National Identity Card numbers.

“We live in fear of imminent attacks. Unknown individuals have been trespassing our land at night threatening us with eviction. We want protection,”said Ms Peninah Lomo, member.

In the past one week, different factions have been trying to woo members after a report emerged indicating individuals have subdivided the land among the 718 members and taken the lion’s share.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Lenku has castigated individuals alleged to have colluded to subdivide the land terming the exercise greedy and inhuman in modern day society.

A list seen by Nation.Africa portray an intricate scam meant to disinherit members.

11 trust members, senior civil servants, a local MP and former MCA currently holding a senior position have been allocated pieces of the land. Some beneficiaries have been allocated more than seven pieces of land.

Dead members and private companies were also located pieces of land much to member’s chagrin. Public amenities have also allegedly been allocated to individuals and private companies.

This prime land borders Ngong in Kiambu County to the west.

The community got the land back in the 1990s from the government after earlier being used as holding ground for a veterinary farm until 1956.

In the last five years leadership wrangles have taken a toll on the trust land delaying the land sub division after the National Land Commission allowed the subdivision on December 17, 2015.

Currently the land boasts of modern homes, agribusinesses, churches and schools serving the natives who live in the land.