Mother of Grade 1 girl molested by classmates in Kajiado seeks justice

A Grade 1 pupil who was sexually molested with her mother

A Grade 1 pupil who was sexually molested is carried by her mother at their Nkoroi home in Kajiado North Sub-County on May 7.

Photo credit: Stanley Ngotho | Nation Media Group

A woman in Kajiado is crying out for justice after her five-year-old daughter was allegedly sexually abused by schoolmates.

When the Nation visited the woman's home at Nkoroi in Ong'ata Rongai on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, she was sitting under a tree with her daughter on her lap.

"This is the worst experience for any parent," she said.

She told the Nation that she noticed a change in her daughter's behaviour last term when her grades dropped significantly.

When she raised her concerns with the school, Awesome Academy, she was assured that the class teacher would make sure her daughter caught up with the others.

But her instincts told her that something was wrong with her daughter.

The despondent mother said when her daughter came home in the evening with her uniform soiled, she was alarmed.

"It was a shock to see my daughter coming home from school every evening in dirty uniforms. She had also become introverted and I thought she was sick. I sought medical attention at a local hospital. She was treated for amoeba," she said.

With no sign of improvement, the mother noticed that her daughter was reluctant to go to school in the morning and began to push her to open up.

"She would not allow anyone to bathe her in the evening until I could come home late at night. She would have hallucinations at night," she said.

Finally, she confided to her mother that several third-grade students had been sexually assaulting her every evening on their way home from school. The little girl told her mother that the incidents had happened several times.

"She told me that three Grade Three students had lured her into a nearby bush in the evening after class. She said they used to put their fingers inside her and the last time they used a nail," she said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

The school is located on a dusty murram road with several vacant lots where the perpetrators allegedly committed the indecent act in the bushes.

The incident was reported to Ongata Rongai Police Station on OB 85/06/06/2023.

According to a medical report seen by the Nation, the girl sustained internal injuries to her private parts and is receiving treatment.

The mother is seeking justice for her daughter and says the school management advised her to talk to the parents of the culprits to resolve the matter.

The mother has decided to transfer her daughter to another school.

Awesome Academy Principal Vincent Akech told the Nation on Wednesday that the incident was reported to the school on Monday and the perpetrators were summoned and they admitted to the charges.

He, however, said the school was in a dilemma because the act took place outside the school premises.

"The culprit admitted to the allegations. The parents were summoned and informed of the case. We advised the parent to take legal action since the incident happened outside the school," he said, confirming that the pupils concerned were still attending classes.

He said the school management had reported the incident to the area chief.

"The school does not condone harassment of pupils. This is an isolated case. We cannot guarantee the safety of our pupils after classes. It's advisable for parents to pay for school transport," he said.

Kajiado North Sub-County Police Commander Hussein Gula was unavailable for comment.