Clergyman arrested in Suba for allegedly defiling girl during prayer session

Clergyman defilement

A schoolgirl is said to have been defiled by a clergyman who was called to pray for her in Suba, Homa Bay County.

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Two men have been arrested at Magunga police station in connection with an incident in which a 15-year-old girl was defiled during a prayer session in Gwassi South ward on Thursday night.

Among those arrested is the father of the defiled girl.

His daughter, who is in Form Three, was allegedly sexually abused by a spiritual leader who visited them on Thursday night before the girl was defiled.

The father is accused of aiding and abetting the sexual offences.

The clergyman was also arrested and detained at Magunga Police Station.

Child welfare officials are making arrangements to take the girl to a rescue centre.

Suba Children's Officer Kepher Otago said the schoolgirl had been admitted to Magunga Sub-county Hospital for medical examination.

"We have started her on medication to avoid infection," he said.

The schoolgirl is said to have been defiled by the clergy who was called to pray for her. She was said to be ill.

But instead of taking her to hospital, her parents decided to hold prayers in the belief that she would be cured.

A clergyman from Uriri in neighbouring Migori County was then invited to lead the prayers.

The suspect reportedly suggested that the prayer be held outside the house.

"We received reports that he said prayers conducted inside the house would not make the demons go away," said Mr Otago.

While outside, the suspect asked the victim's parents to go back inside and leave him with the student.

It was then that he allegedly defiled the girl.

But the student failed to raise the alarm. Mr Otago said she may have been threatened.

The matter was reported to the authorities by a teacher at the girl's school.

Mr Otago said the student kept quiet until Friday, when she told one of her teachers about the matter.

"Without hesitation, the teacher took her straight to hospital and informed the authorities. The hospital confirmed that she had been defiled," the children's officer said.

Following the revelation, police went to the student's home and arrested the clergyman.

They also detained the girl's father to assist with the investigation.

Defiled six-year-old

Meanwhile, Police in Suba are searching for a suspect accused of defiling a six-year-old girl before abandoning her by the roadside in Gwassi South Ward, Homa Bay County.

The minor was found sitting by the roadside by a teacher who was walking along the path where the child was abandoned.

According to a police report, the minor was bleeding when she was rescued.

Suba Children's Officer Kepha Otago said the child was unable to speak when she was found on Thursday.

"She is traumatised and has difficulty giving information about what happened. She has been taken to hospital and is being looked after," he said.

The minor's parents said their daughter was walking to school after lunch.

They said the girl was walking alone along the road.

Mr Otago said his office was working with Magunga police to track down the suspect.

Mr Richard Ojuok, a clinical officer at Magunga Sub-county Hospital, reported an increase in cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Suba.

He said he had treated several cases of defilement in recent weeks.

He said children were brought to the hospital with varying degrees of injuries to their genitals.

"We have given them medication to prevent the transmission of diseases. I am worried that more girls may be suffering in the villages without the authorities knowing," Mr Ojuok said.