Bomet police seek suspect who sexually assaulted drunken man for 10 hours

crime scene

A crime scene. Police in Bomet are looking for a suspect who sexually assaulted a drunk man

Photo credit: File | Nation Media Group

Police are searching for a suspect who locked up a man in Bomet County and sexually assaulted him for 10 hours.

The suspect is said to have gone underground after the attack.

The incident occurred in Tulwap Mosonik village in Kyogong location, Chepalungu constituency, on Tuesday night as heavy rains pounded the area.

"The victim was rescued and rushed to Longisa county referral hospital for treatment and the relevant tests conducted, as a manhunt for the suspect who fled from his home was immediately launched" the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said in a tweet on Wednesday.

The suspect allegedly waylaid the 33-year-old victim as he staggered from a nearby bar and dragged him to his house.

Sexual assaults on men have been on the rise in the region in the last one year, especially in Karap Sigira and Chemoiben, Singorwet ward, Bomet Central constituency.

The victims tend to be men returning home late at night from drinking dens, especially those selling chang’aa and other low-quality spirits.

The perpetrators are said to be those under the influence of drugs, especially bhang.

The victims are too embarrassed to seek medication or speak out about the attacks and violations.

Most choose to suffer in silence because they don’t want their families to know about the assaults.

In some cases, older men sexually molest boys.

Cases of women sexually assaulting boys are not common in the region compared with other parts of the country.