Hey, don’t look for them in Nigeria, the Kola nuts are here

Florence Gitungo displays seedlings of Kola nut tree at her home at Gatanga in Murang'a county on November 10, 2015. PHOTO | JOSEPH KANYI

What you need to know:

  • Florence Gitungo has a single kola nut tree at her home from which she has propagated 7,000 seedlings that she hopes will stir a revolution on farms across the nation.
  • Kola nut trees are much revered in West Africa, especially in Nigeria, as they produce nuts that are used to pay bride price and are offered as gifts to important visitors as a cultural practice among the Igbo people.
  • Kola seeds are processed to produce an array of by-products that range from tannin, which provides important material for use in the textile industry and as a base for making wine and chocolate.

Until recently, Florence Gitungo never paid much attention to a huge tree in her Murang’a home and the nuts it produced.


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