Logistics firm Ponty Pridd Holdings commits to carbon neutrality

Tree planting

Anthony Wainaina (centre) Managing Director of Ponty Pridd Holdings, with PS State Department of Transport Mohamed Daghar (left) during a tree planting exercise in Orkulului Village, Kajiado County.

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What you need to know:

  • The initiative is in line with the company’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions from its operations.
  • Company is partnering with NGOs and CBOs to ensure tree planting initiative is successful.

In a landmark initiative, Ponty Pridd Holdings, a pioneer in the transport and logistics industry, has committed to planting a million trees by 2025, a move that would position them as one of Africa's first carbon-neutral logistics companies.

Anthony Wainaina, Managing Director of Ponty Pridd Holdings, announced the ambitious project at a tree planting ceremony at Orkulului Village in Kajiado County, in an event that was also attended by Mr Mohamed Daghar, the Principal Secretary State Department of Transport.

"We're thrilled to kick start this initiative in Kenya. It represents a major stride towards our sustainability objectives and fosters a more sustainable future for everyone," Wainaina said.

The reforestation initiative is aligned with Ponty Pridd Holdings' unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions from its operations.

Agroforestry practices

The project will span several locations in Kajiado County, focusing on areas significantly affected by deforestation such as degraded forests, riverbanks and agricultural lands.

According to Wainaina, the company is partnering with local NGOs and community-based organizations to ensure the tree planting initiative's success. The project also includes collaboration with local communities to ascertain the trees are appropriately planted and cared for post-planting.

The far-reaching impacts of this project extends beyond merely achieving carbon neutrality for the company. It will create sustainable livelihood opportunities for local communities through sustainable agroforestry practices. 

Reforestation initiative 

Furthermore, it will aid in prevention of soil erosion, improvement of water quality, contribute to the restoration of degraded ecosystems and help mitigate climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon.

"This initiative embodies Kenya's commitment to plant 2 billion trees by 2022, a part of our dedicated efforts to curb the impacts of climate change," added Wainaina.

Ponty Pridd Holdings' reforestation efforts are set to make a valuable contribution to the national reforestation initiative, further supporting the government's environmental sustainability goals. 

The company remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable practices, urging other organizations and individuals to join them in their mission to foster a more sustainable future.