How Kenyan nurse founded health and wellness university

Alice Munyua

Alice Munyua, the founder of Total Health University, joins other guests during launch of the platform.

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What you need to know:

  • Some of the services offered are free, while others are charged based on personal needs.
  • Ms Alice Munyua has also authored 12 books on various topics around human health.

Since 2013, Alice Munyua, a nurse practitioner, has been hosting groups of people at her home in the US to talk about basic healthy lifestyles.

The focus has always revolved around weight management and healthy eating.

It became apparent to her that food was not a big issue as far as health and wellness are concerned and that most people know what to eat and they know all the basic lifestyles that promote good health.

“It eventually dawned on me that many are doing it, but some are struggling. However, even those who were actively eating healthier were still getting sick, and they never recovered from their chronic diseases. So I knew there was something more,” says Ms Munyua.

That’s when she started researching, with a focus on the mindset of people and the world of thoughts.

“I also started to investigate the spiritual aspects of the diseases that we are dealing with.

This is where I found the missing link between diseases and wellness,” she says.

In September 2021, she started a podcast, Total Health Podcast, where she talks and teaches all the basic things about disease management and the medication for these diseases.

This was an addition to her authoring journey that led to the launch of her latest project Total Health University in December 2023.

Chronic diseases

This was a complete evolution from where she first started, and it has taken her close to 10 years.

“I have found that there are many people who take different drugs without realising what the medication is doing in their body. Total Health University is, on the other hand, a deep dive into what really makes people sick and what prevents healing,” she says.

She points out that there are many people who are sick and tired of conventional disease management.

“For instance, people with chronic diseases like type two diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other diseases of that nature would like to know how their bodies can heal,” she says.

Ms Munyua says she is targeting anyone who loves knowledge, loves to read and wants to leave the world of disease management and gain complete healing.

While she intends to reach out to people across the world, she says she is reachable via various platforms online.

“I don’t have a physical location yet, but when needed, we get venues for different occasions,” she says.

“Another way to be a part of Total Health University is to get in touch with me and I can notify you of any upcoming events. We plan to meet online at least once a month and discuss matters affecting health,” she adds.

Some of the services offered are free, while others are charged based on personal needs.

“We have three tiers – from information only to basic support in health and wellness. The third level of support that we give is 1:1 consultation for root cause analysis and strategic planning for complete healing,” she says.

Global vision

Ms Munyua says for root cause analysis, it takes between one and two hours, but one comes out of it knowing exactly why he or she is sick and having a specific plan of action on how to get better,” she says.

Then there is a progress check at three months and six months.

“Therefore, it is a very involved process. Nonetheless, nobody is turned away and we meet people where they are, and support them as needed,” she explains.

“Total Health University is a global university and I have been able to support people in other countries including Australia via social media and the internet. Because of technology, it is not hard to connect with people all over the world. The vision for this University is a global vision,” she says.

In the next five years, she plans to update and expand her website in order to be able to give people information on how to make chronic diseases disappear.

“Our plan is to have at least a hundred commonly known diseases that affect mankind, mapped out. The bigger vision, however, is to have all the diseases that affect mankind mapped out,” she says.

Ms Munyua also plans to have resources for chronic diseases, those that are viewed as incurable and rare.

“We believe that all diseases can be cured without expensive medical procedures. Our mission in life is to prevent unnecessary medical treatments and unnecessary medical expenses,” she says.

Ms Munyua has also authored 12 books on various topics around human health.