Giving back: Cosmetic surgeon Maria Bayerl to set up clinic in Nairobi

Maria O. Bayerl

Bayerl Beauty Clinic, a cosmetic clinic founder Maria O. Bayerl. 

Photo credit: Pool

As a young girl, Maria Bayerl had a dream of becoming a doctor. After completing her secondary school education at State House Girls in Nairobi, she received an undergraduate scholarship to study medicine at the Carol Davilla School of Medicine in Bucharest, Romania. This was the green light to go after her dream career.

“I was excited to receive the news. I would have been happy to study medicine her in Kenya. The scholarship just took the dream further as I now had the opportunity to have an international experience in my medical training.

She left the country in 2008 and pursued the undergrad programme successfully graduating in 2014. Next, she enrolled into a medical residency programme at the Institute of Phonoaudiology and Functional Surgery in ear, nose and throat (ENT) until 2019, under the guidance of Prof Dorin Hociota.

Top-notch surgeon

“ I worked with excellent professionals an learnt so much from there. My school days were nothing short of amazing as I had everything I needed to become a top-notch surgeon. I built relationships that later turned out to be my links when I decided to start my own clinic.”

After completing her studies, Maria, now Dr Maria, worked at Cronos Med with Dr Mahmoud Daoud, an accomplished facial plastic surgeon in Romania. This is where she gained her work experience and after working with a few more surgeons, made the bold step to start her own clinic.

“I am grateful form my colleagues and the cordial relationships we enjoyed. Their support came in handy when I opened Bayerl Beauty Clinic. I have a staff of four. The clinic offers non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botox, fillers, rhinoplasty procedure, all rounded aesthetic dermatology and ENT.”

Dr Maria adds, “I lead a great team of doctors. We offer personalised care for our patients from the moment they come in until they make full recovery after the surgery. We have been doing cosmetic surgery for a decade now. It has been an exciting journey especially working in such a serene environment and seeing patients walk out of the clinic happy and content.”

Being the first woman of color to run a medical clinic in Eastern Europe, Ms Bayerl is an embodiment of hard-work pays and every dream is valid.

Since its launch, the clinic has enjoyed great reviews and attracted many clients around the globe including from Kenya.

 “As for our client base, I am so thankful for the clients trickling in already. It makes me so elated to see how the support even this early on, so far we’ve attended to a few clients and they are happy and this is what keeps me going.”

Individual needs

Dr Maria adds that their services are affordable, however, dependent on customer as well as services being sought.

“We aim to give a tailored price for each client taking into consideration their individual needs and ensuring quality for their money. Social media has played a big role in helping us get word out there and raise awareness on cosmetic surgery.

Dr Maria is excited about opening a clinic in Kenya to provide the locals with affordable, high-quality medical aesthetic services. She hopes to break stereotypes and misinformation associated with cosmetic surgery that particularly thrive in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

“There is an economic forecast that these procedures will in the future, be sought out and appreciated by patients in global markets like Africa so I will most definitely tap into that and deliver. Most definitely, in a few years, there will be Bayerl Beauty Clinic Kenya.”

Without providing names due to confidentiality, Dr Maria lets on that her clients from Kenya feature renowned people.

“Well naming them? polite pass because well doctor-patient confidentiality right? (laughs) However, I do want to appreciate my clients for believing in me and supporting me.”