Beautiful beasts: How automakers are using technology to build stronger and classier trucks

Photo credit: GB Auto Kenya

By Evans Ongwae

Technology is driving commercial trucks to new levels of performance and comfort. It is at the same time supporting the drive towards sustainability.

Innovations by manufacturers are reshaping trucking. The focus is to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability – all of which are key benefits to truck owners and drivers.

Trucks come in all manner of shapes and sizes with varying exterior and interior features, including those that offer driving comfort. And so, today's truck buyers have plenty of choice. They can choose basic work trucks designed to haul cargo, or option-filled trucks that rival a luxury sedan in comfort. Luxury and performance trucks typically cost considerably more.

Basically, a commercial truck is designed to transport freight. There is a huge diversity in the types, mechanism, power, and configuration of trucks.

In the past, trucks were fairly basic, without a huge variety of options to choose from. They all looked somewhat similar. Well, there might have been styling variations, but all in all, a truck was a truck, period.

Over the last 120 years or so, trucks have undergone series of technological evolutions to eventually become work beasts with shades of beauty. Their performance epitomises the beast in them, whereas the comfort exemplifies the ‘softer’ or aesthetic aspects. On top of that, manufacturers keep introducing additional safety features.

Cutting-edge technology is increasing trucks’ towing capabilities. These trucks also come equipped with enhanced dashboards, more driver controls, better fuel efficiency, name it. The driver cabin has also been souped up to make driving for long hours a much more comfortable experience.

For buyers of commercial trucks, the efficiency made possible by advanced technologies means reduced operational costs. Advanced truck technology makes it possible to build engines out of lighter, yet stronger materials. Thus, the engines are more powerful and efficient than the preceding models. This makes business sense.

Safety on the road, for both driver and cargo, matters a lot.

With climate change an issue of concern for all, environmental consciousness is growing. Vehicle manufacturers are aware of this issue, and are striving to adopt greener practices, such as electric trucks, and sustainable fuel.

Globally, electric vehicles are being adopted – although at varying paces from country to country. These vehicles are cost-effective compared to those that run on fossil fuels. At the same time, they are more environment-friendly.

Worth noting also is how technology is improving fleet management systems. Tools that were used for basic vehicle tracking have evolved over time to become sophisticated systems that manage the entire lifecycle of fleet operations. This technology is helping truck owners to cut losses while promoting eco-friendly shipping.

Truck that packs all you need to thrive in Kenya’s transport business

With Kenya's bustling commercial transport segment being highly competitive, one needs a vehicle that packs good power and adds a respectable amount of agility, efficiency, and reliability to it.

In this respect, the Eicher Pro1075 truck is worth a try. This robust workhorse offers various applications – from transportation of ordinary goods between destinations, to serving in intense construction projects. Its powerful engine delivers exceptional performance even in the most challenging terrains, ensuring timely delivery of goods.

GB Auto Kenya, the exclusive dealer of the Eicher Pro1075 in the country, brings this innovative solution to the forefront of the market.

With its low maintenance requirements and high fuel efficiency, the Eicher Pro1075 offers a cost-effective solution for fleet operators. It enables them to maximise productivity with minimal costs.

Furthermore, the Eicher Pro1075 prioritises driver comfort and safety. Its ergonomic cabin design and advanced safety features ensure a comfortable and secure driving experience.

Whether navigating through busy city streets or traversing rough rural roads, drivers can rely on the Eicher Pro1075 to deliver superior performance and efficiency.